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The Samoyed has been a dog used for very different works along its history. Using it as sled dog several expeditions were driven to the arctic and antarctic along XIX century, also having been used to help with the hunting and take care and get the mongolian Samoyed tribe childs hot. All this has became the current Samoyed is a dog allowed to sled cause of its big power but under its plush outside coat that means its image a powerfull but sweet, lovelly, playfull and barking dog is hidden.


Our breeding goes to the show and breeding dogs selection but we also select puppies for sled and pet utility based in their physic and psiquic qualities overall. Our dogs are defined by wonderfull physic qualities and a very sure temperment.
All our dogs are checked and became free of hips diysplasia and eyes diseases, so we give a written guarantee for inheritable diseases in both show, sled and pet puppies.

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